Align time

It's time for me to align this site with how I am doing everything else these days.

How am I doing everything else these days? I am putting away everything I don't use and focusing on what I do use. 

That does not mean trips to the thrift store at the moment. For now, it means items put in totes in closets and all I see around me are the things I use at least on a weekly basis. Everything else is out of sight but somewhat still in mind because it will need to be dealt with eventually.

On the internet, that means no longer trying to juggle updating or Flounder, two sites you might not know about but that I had dived into over the last few months while trying to figure out my place in the virtual world.

For this site specifically, I needed to get rid of the silly name. Done. I needed to stop the gimmick of naming posts after dumb national holidays. Done. In order to go into a new direction with this, I had to delete all of the previous posts here. Done. Keeping them was not necessary for where we are going next, where ever that happens to be.

Is this simplification? The next step in minimalism? I do not know.

What I do know is that when I just looked around the room back here in the home office, shelves are less cluttered than ever before and I know where everything is.

This is the beginning of it, whatever it is, and this site is the beginning of documenting it, whatever it will lead me to next.